5 ways to support the Slow Fashion industry..

There are many ways to support the slow fashion movement; here are 5 awesome tips.

  1. Simplify things and shop local - supporting local businesses and local designers usually means the garments are produced ethically and they know where the fabric has come from and who’s sewing it. 
  2. Get your clothes altered or re-purposed. If you no longer like a dress, perhaps you can turn it into a funky looking top. Or if you are sick of a pair of jeans, cut them into shorts!
  3. Reuse / Re-purpose what you already own – Start by looking in your own closet. We often forget what we’ve purchased in the past. If you haven’t worn a garment in over a year and don’t love it anymore, see if any of your friends or family want it. Re-use the fabric – turn it into a cleaning rag. Find someone who loves to sew and ask them to sew it into a re-usable bag.
  4. Get online and do your research – spend 5 minutes searching for ethical clothing. If you’re looking to pass on unwanted clothes, there are also ‘Buy Nothing’ Facebook groups you can join. Their motto is ‘Give, Share, Build Community.’
  5. Don’t throw your clothes in the bin! Fashion is not disposable. Your clothes will end up in the landfill for goodness knows how many years. You can always donate to charity and/or homeless shelters.

Let's together as a team raise awareness in others around the world so that the slow fashion industry continues to grow and evolve. Join our tribe for more sustainable blog posts just like this one!

Team Ethica xo


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