Why buy Australian Made?

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Why buy Australian made?

Yes, yes, we know…You’ve probably heard and read it all many times before…so we’ve picked the most important reasons – and most importantly – the ones that benefit you and our environment!

Australia makes some of the best products in the world whether made, or grown, in order to meet stringent Australian standards.

What’s in it for YOU?

You’re going to get a better quality product, and, if for some reason the purchased product is faulty (let’s be honest, it’s frustrating, but it happens), buying Australian means the supplier is not too far away and it's highly likely you're going to get a response. 

Have you ever purchased a product that has never arrived or was not what how it was described? It’s not fun and is very costly and risky. Buying Australian not only means your supporting the country’s economy, but also bypasses this undue stress.

Rest assured consumers, us Aussie manufacturers must legally abide by Australian Consumer Laws, which again, are there to protect you!

How does buying Australian made products benefit our environment and future generations?

Transporting goods long distance contribute to a significantly bigger carbon footprint.  But that’s not all – us Aussie businesses operate under some of the strictest environmental policies in the world!  This means our manufacturing processes are more mindful of our precious environment, and better for the world – which is going to be better for you and our future generations!

Our promise to you.

At Ethica, all of our garments are designed and made in Australia and we are super proud of this aspect of our business! Supporting local workers and businesses is at the heart of our brand. As you can imagine, the expenses associated with manufacturing garments in Australia are significantly higher that outsourcing overseas. However, the benefits of manufacturing locally BY FAR outweigh the slimmer profit margin!

Help make a difference and support a local business today! 

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