Garment Care

  • Bamboo garment care

Bamboo fabrics will maintain their special qualities when washed in cold to warm water (up to 40 degrees Celsius) with a gentle detergent, free of bleach. You may want to use a gentle cycle for some finished garments and fabric types. If necessary, bamboo fabrics can be dried in a clothes dryer on the cool setting but it's better to line dry in a shady spot outside, or indoors on an clothes airer.

We recommend washing our Bamboo fabric and avoid dry cleaning. Use the gentle wash cycle or hand wash and use a good brand of gentle, eco washing powder or liquid. We recommend that you don't use bleach because chlorine bleaches often cause yellowing. If hand washing, rinse well to help prevent staining caused by oxidation of cellulose by the leftover soap build-up.

Fabric pilling can be prevented to some extent by proper clothes washing and care. Wash your garments inside out on a shorter wash cycle with gentle agitation and remove them from the dryer promptly. To remove fabric pills, stretch the fabric over a curved surface and carefully cut or shave off the pills.

Line drying in the shade is best, if possible. Tumble drying is ok but try not to over do it and choose a delicate setting. Over drying can result in damaged fabrics.

Avoiding fabric stretch
Bamboo jersey and bamboo french terry fabric have an elasticity in them. If they are hung, the weight of the item may stretch and pull it down. You may eventually lose the shape of your garment. It is best to fold it neatly and put it away.

Recycled polyester (PET fabric) garment care
Machine wash your recycled polyester garments in cold water. Use a mild, eco laundry detergent (nontoxic, biodegradable types preferred) and dry it on a clothesline or clothes airer if possible. We recommend line drying your recycled polyester fabrics, however, if you do decide to tumble dry, ensure your tumble dryer is set on a cool heat setting. Also, just make sure to remove it from the dryer quickly to prevent wrinkling.

To remove stains from polyester, try a few drops of dish washing liquid directly on the stain and rub until the stain starts to lift. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.