Our Recycle Polyester Fabric (PET)

Good for the planet:

Did you know that our Recycled Polyester (PET fabric) is made from recycled clear plastic water bottles?

Billions of plastic bottles are discarded each year – as a species, it is the biggest waste problem we face. By choosing Recycled Polyester (PET fabric), we are able to deliver excellent quality active wear with a smaller environmental footprint. PET fabric saves energy in production process (85% less energy required as compared to virgin polyester) and releases fewer emissions (50%- 65% less Carbon and Sulphur Dioxide released as compared to Virgin Polyester).

Good for you:

When these plastic bottles are ground down and treated in a particular way, they can be carefully crafted into fine yarns. These yarns are then woven, (just like bamboo) turning plastic bottles into high quality, activewear ready for you to wear!

Our high quality, luxurious Recycled Polyester fabric is breathable and durable. It is also moisture wicking (it can be worn many times and then washed in cold water and air-dried) and will not pill or abrade easily, meaning it will last a very long time. Another added bonus for our environment!