Sustainable Fabrics

Our high quality, sustainable fabrics are at the heart of what we do. Our desire to live, create and work in an ethical and sustainable manner means that our fabrics have been carefully selected  to reflect our mission to walk softly on the Earth.

Free of any harmful chemicals

Both our bamboo and recycled polyester fabrics proudly have the Okeo-Tex 100 certification (the global testing and accreditation system for the screening of harmful substances within consumer textiles). This means they are free of any harmful chemicals within the dying process and certifies that the fibres have been tested for any chemicals that may be harmful to a person’s health.

Global Recycling Standard

Our recycled polyester fabric is also GRS certified, meaning it meets the Global Recycling Standard. It ensures that if the supplier claims the fabric is made from recycled polyester, it can be officially backed up and verified. 

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