Why choose us

Sustainable Fabrics

We have carefully crafted elegant, eco-friendly, ethical activewear for people like you who care about our future generations. You can happily wear our stunning pieces with peace of mind, knowing that our sustainable fabrics have been carefully chosen to have minimal impact on our natural resources. Our fabrics are Okeo-Tex 100 certified meaning they are free from any harmful chemicals within the dying process. Also, you've contributed to recycling 6 plastic bottles simply by wearing our recycled polyester Aliento Compression leggings!

Manufactured in Adelaide, Australia

Simply by wearing our creations, you will live by the ideals within our name, Ethica. Endless hours have been invested in researching environmentally conscious fabric suppliers who align themselves with our ethical values and sustainable vision. Our commitment to support local communities means that your garments are designed and made in Adelaide, Australia.

Raising Awareness for our Future Generations

At Ethica, we have faith knowing that our generation (yes, that includes you!) has been the most active when it comes to minimising the environmental impact on our world. We need your help to raise awareness in others around the world so the slow fashion industry continues to grow and evolve.

Closer to Nature

You will feel closer to nature when wrapping yourself in our unbelievably soft and breathable garments and experience the comforting feeling of being hugged by this gentle fabric. 

Feel Empowered

You can wear our fashionable, contemporary and functional apparel straight from your studio to coffee dates with your friends - without looking like you're still wearing your workout clothes! Each garment has been purposefully designed to empower you to dress sustainably, whilst looking elegant and feeling luxurious at the same time.

Being part of our Ethica tribe means that you’re wearing garments that have been designed and made in Adelaide, Australia using sustainable, recycled and biodegradable fabric

We look forward to hearing your positive feedback and helping you with your shopping experience.

Team Ethica x